Author Topic: Educational License, Substance Source Files  (Read 25442 times)

hi, i run the CGI tutorial channel which focusses on MAYA and has a few tutorials on alchemist and the substance material integration.

i just installed the launcher (beta 1.2.0). when i navigate to the subtance source tab, i can see the download arrow, but not the direct link to alchemist or any other substance app.

apart from that i cannot download any materials because a message appears that i need to subscribe. when following that link i land on a page with all kinds of subscriptions, including the educational license. when i fill in the teacher credentials (which i had done already months ago when alchemist came out), i get the message that i already have an educational license. what can i do?

You will get the 30 free materials when you subscribe to an Indie or a Pro license. The EDU license is not
considered as a subscription. At least, when you upgrade to an Indie license you only need to pay $9.90
per month (for the first year).