Author Topic: Artifacts in Substance Painter and Unreal Engine 4  (Read 3931 times)

Hi, I've got an issue with artifacts in the Normalmap generated by Substance Painter that I need help with.

The artifacts are not really noticable in Substance Painter (top picture), but you can definitely see them in UE4 (below):

I have the following settings from Maya to Substance to Unreal Engine:
The whole mesh is triangulated and smoothed before export.

I have tried to fix the issue by inserting additional edgeloops / more mesh density, but that only pushed the problem closer to the edge of my mesh:

here are my meshes, with the left one being the older/first one and the right one with the above mentioned "fix".

So now I'm stumped on how to fix these artefacts without resorting to photoshop (made harder by the fact that I cannot or barely see the artifacts there).

I hope someone has an idea on what causes and how to solve this issue.
Thank you.

You mention you triangulate before export, do you use the 3D software triangulation of the one from the FBX export ?
Could you share the part of the mesh that displays the artifacts ? Having access to the geometry would help to investigate further the problem.

Can you attach a log file as well ? See :
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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I'm using Mesh>Triangulate in Maya before export. The Log File is attached.
How do I share the Mesh? Is a Screenshot enough? Should I post a picture of the Mesh before the triangulation?

the "fixed" mesh:

the following area that shows the same problem:

Upload the mesh to Google Drive/ Dropbox or the like so we can take a look at the geometry directly please. Just a part of the mesh that shows the problem area will be enough.
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The LowPoly meshes (quad & tri) are here:
If you need the HighPolyMesh as well, please reply and I will provide it later.

Could you please create a new Painter project using this lowres mesh, bake a normal map, and test if the problem still exists? I paid attention primarily to that area visible on your very first 2 screenshots in your first post.


Thank you very much for your help! That fixed the problem in the Normal Map at that part:

How did you fix it? I can see a new Edge Loop, but was that all?
I didn't change any settings inside Maya, Substance or UE4 and I used my own HighPolyMesh.

Furthermore, I have another part with artifacts, as seen below, with the quad Mesh. One new Edge Loop wouldn't fix it, would it?

The problem is that you are taking a BMW model, try Mercedes instead. Then it will work. :P
Sorry, couldn't resist  :) 

I added a simple bevel, and applied face weighted vertex normals. Many 3D apps have tools for that implemented (I used Modo, and the new Blender 2.8 also has a more or less 1-click-solution for it). Not sure about the newest Maya version, you might need to install a plugin (e.g. /

Face weighted normals require you to have bevels in certain locations so the surface is actually smoothed the way you want it to, you might have to edit the topology in some areas. I never import geometry into Painter without applying face weighted normals first, it gives you the cleanest possible normal maps.
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It didn't help as much as I had hoped, but I found out that the direction of the triangles sometimes matters, and basically, the underlying mesh caused most of the artifacts.

Below is the same spot, but with an optimized mesh:

(the jagged lines are still there cause it's a quick and dirty normal map for testing)

All in all, thank you for your help, I resolved my issue.