Author Topic: High definition mesh saving in the SPP file  (Read 2706 times)

So i have a problem, i made somes models many times ago but i deleted the HP models files
I just noticed that substance painter project file didnt keep my HP files
and myself though that substance painter would keep it, i need to fix somes
of those models but i have to remake the HP ok well to bad for me but well ok that
my problem.

Could we have a HP file save option in the SPP file? and also in same time extract HP mesh aswell
That would be better for me and some other i guess who keep only the spp file than all files

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that would make the painter file really heavy, and its already very very heavy. Deleting files that you are still using is just bad idea in general.....


I wouldn't want that by default, but some functionality like 3ds Max's File>Archive would be nice for sending files to clients,  team members in other studios, or doing what it says on the tin and archiving the work in case it needs to be revisited months or years later.

Max's Archive basically takes the Max scene itself (in this case it would be the Painter project) along with all other referenced bitmaps or assets and clumps them into a single ZIP file.

If you have scripting support on staff, something like this could also be set up separately, although a native option would be nice. For that matter, I'd actually like the option of carrying along the full PSDs that are referenced in a Painter project. Sometimes I'll set up a complicated PSD to lay out graphic elements using vectors, masks, effects layers, etc. to project onto an asset (like a computer screen or some graphic like a poster), and it would be nice if that came along for the ride so another user could open the SPP and export the PSD and make edits if need be.

When you say it like that, an "archive all" feature does sound really handy!