Author Topic: Color Map has visible artifact after being exported  (Read 768 times)

So, I'm not sure what's going on here. I'm working in painter and none of my baked mesh maps have any artifacts, there's no visible issues with my textures in the 2D or 3D viewport but as soon as I export them out I get this weird artifact in the corner and its only with the color map. I messed around with the padding, the dithering, tried different file types and bit values. Nothing seems to work.

Strange. Can you provide part of the lowres mesh where the artifact is happening so we can take a look at it directly?

Overlapping UVs perhaps from geometry that's hidden in the pictures?

Here's the piece of my mesh that I'm having the issue with. I can't seem to find any hidden geometry or overlapping UVs. I ended up just painting out the artifact in photoshop but I'd still like to know why this was happening.

Can you try switching the Data Type of the BaseColor channel from sRGB8 to RGB16 in your Texture Set settings and exporting again ? This may be related to a GPU driver bug.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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