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Hi @Dmitriy Kobtsev 0

What you have to know when using glass in Substance Painter is that it will not have the proper look when using the real time OpenGL viewer. However, it should work properly when using the iRay render, or your render of choice once you have exported your project, so you can work in Painter the way it is now and once exported it will have the desired look.


The outputs circled in red are necessary for all shaders and renderers to see glass materials properly. they are already included in the Source material in question.

To have your material look like that in Substance Painter (here in iRay)

Please make sure your texture set setting look like this

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PO @ Allegorithmic

When I click on plus to add these 3 layers, I don’t see them in the list

When I click on plus to add these 3 layers, I don’t see them in the list

That is normal, they are not present by default.
you can add your own layers.

The step by step to fix your problem (I just tried it it should work)
- In the texture set settings click sur the "+", click on User0.
Rename this channel "refraction" without any capital letter
- Import the glass material as a base material.
- launch a first iRay render. there, you will deactivate the post effects in the "display settings" tab, and the Sub Surface Scattering in the "shader settings" tab. close iray.
- In the Material Properties, click on "refrac" as it is not activated by default.
- Launch Iray.

It should work then!
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