Author Topic: Crop Grayscale altering heightmap  (Read 411 times)

I was making a texture atlas in designer when I noticed that the Crop node had a strange behavior.

I don't understand why the normal after the crop is much weaker than the other, settings are the same in both nodes.
Does somebody knows how to avoid that?


Hi, this has nothing to do with the crop node.

The normal node behaves differently depending on the scale (density) of the greyscale input. Have a look at the example below. The normal colors indicate the acuteness of the angle.

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Ok, that makes sense.
Thanks for your help,

The normal filter works by sampling the surrounding pixel and determines the slope "intensity".

- In the upper case, the difference between two consecutive pixels is pretty low and it produces a "weak" normal map.
- In the second case, because the pattern is tiled, the difference between two consecutive pixels is way more important, leading to a "stronger" normal map.

But in fact the normal intensity should not be defined blindly, it is directly linked to the height the pattern is supposed to represent. That's why it is advised to use the "height to normal world units" filter.
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