Author Topic: Bad Normal Mapping  (Read 342 times)

Hi guys, pretty new to Substance Painter. I've got this problem when I bake the normals. I cut my UVs in Maya along that edge, and I softened all the edges before exporting the low-poly FBX, yet the problem stays. Do you have any clue about what can cause this problem?  Thanks in advance for any feedback
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What you're looking at appears to be caused due to a seam being there and how the material fills. Did you try Triplanar Projection for the material fill instead?

FYI, also convert your mesh into tris prior to baking... You don't want to be caught up with shading errors. If you're finding odd shading this could be the reason.

Beyond that... I don't see your UVs and I'm guessing the middle of the mesh you shown is where you did your cut?
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