Author Topic: Substance Painter To Unreal Engine 4 | Textures appearing strange.  (Read 6136 times)

Hey guys, I've hit a rather strange problem.

I'm new to Substance painter and absolutely love the program but unfortunately when I send out the textures to be used in Unreal 4 they appear rather different to how they appear in Substance Painter.

I can understand that it's obviously a different engine but the results look nothing like the painter results. I'm also rather new to Unreal 4 so bare with me if this is a very simple fix.

All I did was export the texture maps base, roughness, metallic and normals and created a material in UE4 followed by connecting it all up.

Previous to this technique I used Substance Designer packaged it all up and imported it but that was to brutal for my poor Gtx 570 and I had the same issue.

The look of metallic objects is very dependent on the environment, since your environment looks very dark, there is a good chance your metal will look different than in Painter.
Also, make sure your Roughness and Metallic maps have their sRGB option unchecked in the texture properties in UE4.