Author Topic: Substance Source to Marmoset  (Read 45751 times)

I have a number of metal materials that I have downloaded from substance source. When I import these materials to Toolbag (using latest version) the parameters of the materials aren't working correctly.

Here's the same material (aluminium_brished) imported 3 different ways...

#1 is the sbsar dragged and dropped into the window
#2 a new default material created, reflectivity changed to specular and the material opened through the 'extras' window. This method is the only one that allows me to change the colour of the material.
#3 is a UE4 template material and the sbsar opened through 'extras' window.

Here is the material opened in Substance player

Its pretty weird that the material opens in player with the base colour, normal, roughness, metallic and height channels but when dragged into Toolbag, it opens with albedo, normal, gloss and specular.

Any way to import these materials with their correct channels exposed?