Author Topic: 'Baking' Substance Textures (not dynamic) in-engine?  (Read 6443 times)

Hi, and I apologize if this is answered -- searched google and the forums but my keywords might be off.

So Octane for UE4 was released -- we'll see how far it goes (I'm hopeful), but one for sure 'gotcha' people are running into is that any Substance materials will crash the plugin & UE4 if you try and render. It seems pretty clear that Octane gets caught up trying to 'auto-convert' the materials & textures that are substance-based.

This is obviously NOT a Substance issue, but an Octane issue -- but I was hoping someone might have a solution:
I'm assuming if we (in effect) 'bake' our textures & materials then Octane will be able to convert and render them just fine.
Is there a way to do this with Substance in Unreal?

Thank you -- and again...I apologize if this is a somewhat 'dumb' question! :)
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Anyone; I don't want to double-post, so wanted to just give this a slight 'bump'? 0:)