Author Topic: Is it possible to split 3D/2D view across multiple monitors?  (Read 3693 times)


First of all, I'm unsure if this should be in Discussion or Technical Support, so my apologies if this is not the appropriate area. So, my question - I've been looking in the program, but I can't find a way to split off 3D/2D view. I'm wanting to put my 3D view up on my main monitor, and have the 2D view on my Cintiq, so I can have my space to draw directly in 2D, but still be able to check how it looks in 3D. So, UI and everything down on the Cintiq in my working space, and then 3D view up on the main monitor with everything else I've moved up there.

I know how to move UI parts, such as the shelf, but not the views themselves. And, I know you can have both on screen at the same time, but that takes up a fair bit of space, so I'd prefer splitting them, similar to how Photoshop can let you split views. Is this possible?

Thank you.

I don't think it's possible right now but it's something I very much want as well. I've made a uservoice request for it.

Ah, alright; that's a shame, that would be incredibly useful. In that case, hopefully they respond to your request, went and voted for it myself. I'm certain it would be a worthwhile feature to add, as it could be useful for many, many situations. Thanks for the answer, I appreciate it!

+1 (and voted)