Author Topic: Issue with Baking  (Read 913 times)

Hi All! I'm trying to bake an object in Substance Painter and finding some issues with inconsistency. I've taken the model I'm trying to bake:
Into substance, after IDing it with different lamberts for baking in different chunks. My frustration comes from the seemingly inconsistent nature of the bake, making the ring around the knob and the knob itself towards the top very chunky and pixelated, but the other bits on the front fine.

In addition, I'm having issues making the Concave parts of the mesh bake correctly, instead seemingly grabbing from other parts of the mesh to give it those weird curves on the inside.

Here's a couple more images for help:
The file in substance after being baked, with a few smart materials on for taste:

The UV map of the model:

Any assistance would be appreciated!

since all of your small elements (knobs and alike) have a modeled outline, I would cut the UVs and give those parts more UV space.

I personally have this rule of thumb: the smaller a part, the more UV space it gets (relative to its size). It´s also a nice way to fill up unused UV space ;)