Author Topic: Painter flips normal map on fill layer problem.  (Read 1505 times)

Windows 10
Substance painter: 2019.1.2
zBrush 2019
Blender 2.8 RC2

Exported high mesh from zB, low mesh from Blend. Normal map bake in SP. On the fill layer painter flips my normals. The settings for the map under material properties is set to openGL. The project settings under Project configuration is set to OpenGL for Normal map format. I tried exporting the map in the hope of flipping the green channel , but it wont open in gimp.Once the fill layer is hidden the map displays correctly. I checked the model in zB and the meshes for the stitching are ok. Here are some screen shots.

Hope you guys can help.

Hi, try this filter on your fill layer.

Yes I will! Thanks a million pimhendriks.