Author Topic: Weird textures when importing back into Maya??  (Read 669 times)

Hey there,

I'm really new to Substance and finding it hard to just google my question as I don't know the right terms to use yet!

I'm getting a really weird texture when applying my substance textures in maya but they are looking absolutely fine in Substance.
I've followed the exact same workflow as I usually do with importing textures and never had an issue like this so i'm really feeling lost as to what happened... :-[ :-[ :-[

Attached scene file & screen shots.

Thank you!!

Looks like a UV mismatch. Check if the UVs of the mesh in Maya are the same as the one in Painter.

Can't open your Maya file, which version did you use to save it? Anyhow, always use a file format like FBX that any 3D application can read when you share files.

It indeed looks like the UVs of your object in Painter don't match the UVs of your object in Maya.

Embarassingly.. you guys got it. Forgot I messed with a uv map.

Thank you, sorry for the noob question  :(