Author Topic: Angular gradient sector, with the Pixel Processor  (Read 6944 times)

Hi all. :)
I'm trying to write an equation using the Pixel Processor for an angular gradient with an arbitrary center, therefore I imagine using the atan2 function at some point I guess.
I have as inputs the coordinates of the Center and of 2 points A and B (where B is simply A mirrored along the y axis), and what I want to obtain specifically is a angular gradient that is fully black at point A and white at point B, so some form of precise clamping (the rest of the pie can be black). So far I had no luck with this.
Is there anyone who can offer some guidance?
Thanks a lot!

not sure what you mean with points A and B and how they should relate to the angular gradient. would be good if you could elaborate on this a bit more :)

It looks like you are trying to redo the "Gradient Circular" from the default library. You can open the graph to see how it is built.

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Thanks Nicolas !  I studied it and it worked well.
Sorry for the delayed answer.