Author Topic: Saving materials overwrites saved copy?  (Read 11883 times)

How do you save variations on materials? I created one, saved it, and added it to a new folder in my Library, but when I changed some parameters and tried to save it again it just updated the old one.  There does not seem to be any way to rename materials or do a "save as" to get around this. 

any tips?

Thanks in advance

are you talking about smart materials?

if so, then one way to save variations would be to add your smart material to your layer stack, edit it and create a new smart material from it

I think so? 

I can only see one material save option in Alchemist. It is the disk icon above the layers. It only saves to the Library from what I can see. Is there some other way? Or a way to alter the name of a saved material so that clicking the disk icon does not overwrite the previous version?

sorry, I thought this is about painter :/

You can use Ctrl + Shift + S to save as a new material.
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