Author Topic: Smart Auto Tile Artifacts 8K - SD 2019.2.0  (Read 899 times)

Hello :)

I ran across some little issues with the Smart Auto Tile node while trying to tile a scan :

Lines appears on texture edges when tiling with a Smart Auto Tile at 8k. This doesn't happend at 4k or less.
I Did put 8192 in the Crop > Input Size.

Here are Normal and Height maps (Zoomed in, down-right corner) :

Another problem is the filtering still producing subtle squares when playing with the transform parameter, as seen in these posts :,18316.msg76763/highlight,smart+auto+til.html#msg76763,23879.msg93840/highlight,smart+auto+til.html#msg93840

It's not very obvious, but a light Sharpen node will reveal a highly "blocky" texture.

Anything I can do, or any ideas ?
I'm using SD 2019.1.0
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I'm still having this issue in 2019.2.0, and I really need a solution.
I joined a log file.

To be clear, the texture tile perfectly, the problem is only on the edges of the texture.
I tried blurring the edge, or cropping, but this is clearly not suitable.
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2019.2.2 and problem still isn't solved. I have exact same issue at 8K resolution