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Hello :)

I ran across some little issues with the Smart Auto Tile node while trying to tile a scan :

Lines appears on texture edges when tiling with a Smart Auto Tile at 8k. This doesn't happend at 4k or less.
I Did put 8192 in the Crop > Input Size.

Here are Normal and Height maps (Zoomed in, down-right corner) :

Another problem is the filtering still producing subtle squares when playing with the transform parameter, as seen in these posts :,18316.msg76763/highlight,smart+auto+til.html#msg76763,23879.msg93840/highlight,smart+auto+til.html#msg93840

It's not very obvious, but a light Sharpen node will reveal a highly "blocky" texture.

Anything I can do, or any ideas ?
I'm using SD 2019.1.0
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I'm still having this issue in 2019.2.0, and I really need a solution.
I joined a log file.

To be clear, the texture tile perfectly, the problem is only on the edges of the texture.
I tried blurring the edge, or cropping, but this is clearly not suitable.
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Sorry for the late reply,

I've taken a look and it should be better now, could you test it and tell me if the result is right on your side ?

Download the two files and put them in C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Designer\resources\packages

If the answer is yes, I'll push the fix for the next 2019.2.3 bugfix version.
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Ah ! Thanks a lot for taking the time to take a look at this bug.
Infortunately I still have the problem with the nodes you provided. (SD 2019.2.2)

Can you send me your graph and resources?
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Sure thing, here it is :

(Note : textures files were originally in .TIF 16bits format, I compressed them to .JPG for upload size, I don't know if it have any incidence.)


This one seems to be different: it is caused by the filter "Blur" parameter. I'd suggest using different parameters like increasing the grid size and reducing the threshold value, adjusting the crop area also helps:

I'd also suggest not to convert your base color to normal after the sharpen filter.
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What seems to be different ? The project or textures ?
I have played with parameters for the past 6 months without being able to have the desired result. I always have a thin line on texture borders. I have 150+ scans waiting to be exported, all have this same problem.

I have put the exact same parameters as you did and still have the issue. How does the render look on your side ?
Are you not having the 3px line on the very edges (like the first screenshot I posted) ?

I've used the modified packages I've attached earlier.

Edit: I've attached the modified sbs.
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Hum, I can see a vertical line in the sbs I've just sent, I'll take a look.

Could you show me what line you are referring to ?
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I'm using them since you sent them to me, and still have the problem.

Also if I tile the picture you sent me, I still find the same problem :

It's definitively not tiling properly.

Here's how it look on my side :

With the nodes you provided, and the same parameters as your screenshot.

* I'm talking about lines on the very edges of the texture, if you tile the texture x2 in the 3D View, the lines will be at the center of the plane.
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Nicolas found a filtering issue on the node, a conversion was implicitly done on the mask between 2k and 8k in your case, leading to a blurry line.
For info, I'm currently working on a new tiling node with a better algorithm, this is one of the reasons I have not investigated the current smart_auto_tile as I should have, my bad...

Aha ! But that is good to hear !
I'm impatient to see what you can do then.  ;)


Everything should be fine now, here's the fix:
  • The cut masks were not tiling correctly (no tile instead of vertical only and horizontal only)
  • The corner was computed separately leading to a discontinuity when merging and is now included in the first pass

This new version will be part of the next bugfix scheduled next week.
Sorry again for the delay !
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Amazing ! No problem for the delay, as I'm sure you guys have a lot of work & other bugs to fix.
Thanks a lot, I'm Looking forward for the next update. Again, merci beaucoup !