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Here the last update on this model of mine.
It's not finished yet, as I want to better amalgamate some materials, and add minor leaks and details.
I am amazed by the speed of Substance Painter's workflow: everything you see has been done in a couple of days of work.

That's a lovely model right there! Textures are looking great on this guy! The cape seems to be a tad too shiny for me though :)

Awesome work! Is this only one texture set?

Wooot! Absolutely stunning!
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Thanks guys!
To answer to Jeremie, it is 3 Texture Sets: Head / Body / Cape

And yeah, it's 90% Painter and 10% Designer (no photoshop, except to create some ID color masks.... I wish I had vector tools in SP :) )

This is very nice :)

I'm guessing you used Maya for lowpoly?

That looks amazing! Reminds of of the Draughr in Skyrim, but more menacing.

We need more Pics
So cool ....well done
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really awesome decayed flesh man!

Hehehe, sorry Ron, I just realized you asked for more pics... there we go! :)

Great work!

So cool ! Awesome work ! :o
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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