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I'd like to start by saying I love SS, but I'm noticing a definite slowdown in material releases lately.

I think I read somewhere when SS first came online that new materials were going to be released every month, but at the moment it feels a lot longer than that, 2 months even...

Also, could you please add back in the fuctionality to view downloaded sources by their download date, this was possible then it just disappeared, why ?! It makes complete sense to view my own downloads in that order. It's honestly batshit crazy not to be able to do that !!!!!

Also, could you implement a way to download thumbnail images of owned materials as well, at the moment I have to take multiple screenshots from the website which is so annoying, to say the least.



The team has been working very hard on a major drop, and it's the reason why the releases have been slowing down a bit this summer. I paste here what was said in the blogpost about the future release:

Substance Source: New Materials are on The Way

This one is for the lovers of extreme realism: archviz experts, VFX, and game artists. Substance Source is expanding its material library with more than 400 new procedural materials for architecture. This brings the total to around 600 customizable materials for interior and exterior creation. Expect them coming your way in a few weeks!

Excited? We have more in store for you. A set of high-quality scanned surfaces and atlases will help you take your environment work to the next level.

The materials dedicated to architecture, the new scanned surfaces and new atlases will be released in the 2nd half of 2019.

After this it is planned to release new materials every month, which is still our objective. There we just wanted to make sure we released a high variety of materials of the highest quality, as there is a high demand for those type of materials.

Regarding the download of images and the possibility to filter by download date, we'll do our best and I'll be adding it to our future plans for the platform
PO @ Allegorithmic


Thanks for the reply, I hadn't seen that blogspot - but saying they are coming 'in a few weeks' still means literally months between drops - but obviously I understand you guys are very busy.

On the Substance Source functionality, I'm pleased that you are going to put this forward, although, with the greatest respect, I won't hold my breath as I have asked for this before more than a year ago and your reply was almost the same, yet it wasn't added... see below.

Here is the thread and your reply to my question a year and 3 months ago :,23155.msg92518.html#msg92518

Hi onepixeldee,

We changed the technology behind the Substance Source website, in order to be able to add more features more quickly in the future as we are working hard on improving it so you have the best experience as possible!

Do not worry we will put back this feature soon, it is not gone forever  ;)