Author Topic: SBSbaker udim support for ranges  (Read 29929 times)

hi, is there support for baking udim ranges using the sbs baker command line tool?
eg. --udim 1001 1002 1003 ...

if not what is the best work-around with minimum time loss?

There isn't one yet, unfortunately.
You'd have to write a script that launches multiple sbsbaker subprocesses in parallel, for each UDIM + baker.

sbsbaker 1001 ambient-occlusion-from-mesh
sbsbaker 1001 position
sbsbaker 1001 curvature-from-mesh
sbsbaker 1002 ambient-occlusion-from-mesh
sbsbaker 1002 position
sbsbaker 1002 curvature-from-mesh

Doing so, you'll discover another major issue; the geometry caching will be done for each subprocess independently, which significantly increases the overhead involved during baking. This will cause your SAT bakers to take exponentially longer than baking in Designer (10 min vs 2.5 hours with some heavier assets I've tested).

Unfortunately this issue goes back a couple of years and there's still no solution for it:,20946.msg92505/highlight,sbsbaker+caching.html#msg92505,28828.msg111998/highlight,sbsbaker.html#msg111998
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Thanks for the info. I've implemented in parallel like you said. Unfortunate this is not supported.