Author Topic: Uvs dont show up under Texture set list correctly  (Read 1022 times)

yes I am new to substance painter :) and I am having trouble to see the UVs in correct list.
I basically created a clothing in Marvelous designer, created the UIDMs, then exported to zbrush and worked there and make sure I kept the UVs, but now when I open in substance painter even I see the UVs on the second screen, there are 4 Uvs, it just loads as one which says defaultmat.  I also opened the original obj file from marvelous designer, that opens up with Uv  list, but not the one that i worked on zbrush.. How can I separate them into 4 as they are? or where I did I do wrong while I was exporting you think.. couldn't figure it out. if you have any idea, please let me know. Thanks!!
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Did you check the "Create Texture Set per UDIM Tile" box in the New Project dialog? See screenshot below...

Thanks for the reply. I actually figured it out.. looks like I was panel looping when the clothing on double so I was also deleting the layers under the thickness.. finally worked it out :) thanks though!!