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I tried to bake AO with the default settings and it yielded strange results. it gives some dark spots as shown in the images. The only thing I changed is to "use low poly mesh as high poly" and size to 2048.

Ps. I'm only using a high poly mesh (around 1 million points), as I couldn't find a nice way to obtain a low poly mesh out of a high poly one in ZBrush. I used the decimation master but the normal map generated was very messy for some reason, so I gave up using the low/high poly workflow as I'm only interested in a static render and my system could handle it well enough.

I'm fairly new to SP and ZBrush. Not using a low poly mesh could produce those artifacts?

Thanks in advance.

Please attach a log file :

It's hard to tell what could be the issue here. You should take a look at your baked textures directly and see if this may be related to the way the mesh has been unwrapped. It could be because the mesh topology is not clean as well.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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