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I know  projecting an image onto a model is kind of outside of SPainter paradigm. That's probably why its projection tool is hardly helpful at all and I am accustomed to this old style texture painting.  IMO nothing could be more real than mother nature itself and it's often much easier and quicker to just project something photogrammetry based than painting it by hand and tweaking sliders.

  My main issue is that I even can't scale the projecting image precisely, couldn't  even  set the scale center to a necessary point.

So please add something like savable projections in Mari so we could  make it into Photoshop or Affinity Photo, scale and wrap image precisely there and then bring back it to SPainter.   

Or better improve the projection tool in SPainter the way we could do same we can in those programs:   

1. Use  mesh deform to straiten or deform the image to be perfectly matching a model  up to tiny detail, I especially love Affinity Photo mesh deform tool for that but I woud prefer a kind of hybrid with puppet wrap Pshop idea.

2.  Center of transform/scaling could be set in certain point of projected image.

3 Projections are savable like in Mari

4. Height channel being projected would have an ability to fuse into underlying height like patch tool in PS
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+1  it could draw in many Mari users.