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Hi people. I can't download materials tomorrow.
I have tried in some browser: firefox, IE and chrome. Also with firewall disabled.
The message i've found on firefox is that: We can’t connect to the server at

Some help please! Thanks.


Could you please let me know exactly when you tried? Is it still not working for you?
Do you try downloading an asset in particular or is it the same for all assets you try to download?
Could you please let me know in which part of the world you are located?

As I'm not able to reproduce the issue, this will help us find where the problem you encountered might be coming from
PO @ Allegorithmic

Hi Mari.

Thanks for reply. I'm Brazilian, but the error is solved.
The problem was my DNS. The solution is only change for a public dns( and

Ok, thank you for letting me know.
PO @ Allegorithmic