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For SP to import FBX model file, in MAX or MAYA, it is necessary to make multi-UV line 0102 03. In SP, there is no multi-line drawing, baking, baking and other maps obtained by UV01 0203 selection display effect, selection of seamless processes such as UV line drawing production function.

In UE4 engine, UV0 is used to realize texture, UV1 is used as AO, and UV2 is used as basic norm to achieve multiple UV mapping effects.

Rendering UV2 normal mapping UV will have special requirements. In the production project, the line UV of hardened edge in MAYA will break off, which will cause the edge texture seam to be very troublesome when drawing texture. So it is very difficult to identify the basic mapping by UV0, reduce the UV texture seam, and use UV2 as the basic structure normal.

It feels like a complicated project, and I hope to add this kind of function as soon as possible. Thank you very much.

Beginner here so please excuse me if these have been requested somewere else:

-To be able to move/copy effects to new layers

-To be able to de-instantiate something and have the material independent.

-In selecting polygons it would be great to select loops and use Shift+up arrow or down arrow to expand or contract the selection (just like Modo)

-To have colors hexadecimal field so I can copy colors from Photoshop ,etc and the other way around.

-Supporting displacements would be nice also

Thank you

The point of this thread is to post your request to Uservoice -

Search there for your feature request - if it already exist add  your vote, if it has not yet been posted you can add a new feature request.

Done ! Thanks
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