Author Topic: Particle brushes not working.  (Read 688 times)

suddenly the particle brush is not working in substance, any solutions??

Same problem here. The particles just standing on the surface (leak, heavy leak, etc). This is different bug than the viewport error, when the particles remained on the screen. Now the particles have "life", appear and disappear as it should on the surface, but not move at all (the standing particles don't affect the masks either).

ver. 2019.2.0
The texture slot is correctly baked with a high poly model, all support map is there.

Any idea what can be the problem?
Thanks in advance.


Thanks for reaching out to us.

Could you please attached your log(s)?

Also, it would be great if you could be as detailed as you can about reproducing the issue. What did you do before it happened? How heavy is your project/mesh/layerstack?

Thank you in advance for the info! It will help a lot if I can reproduce the issue on my side :)
Valeria Gerontopoulos
QA Analyst


I attach here a log file, and I made a video how it looks in my SP.
I need to correct my previous post, not all particle is wrong, the "puddle", "rain" and "sand storm" seems working, the rest of them have no effect on the mask.

I opened the sample sphere, to avoid any confusion of the project files.

Here is the link of the video, hope it helps.

Hello again,

So I've consulted with a colleague on the matter. There is indeed a bug with the sample Sphere that we should investigate on our side. It is possible that it has something to do with the resource updater.

The project that you were working on originally, was it recently updated? Was it an "old" project from another version by any chance? Could you check if you have the issue when you create a new project?
Valeria Gerontopoulos
QA Analyst

Yes, my project was created with an older version of Substance Painter, but it was not too old (IIRC it was created in 2019.1 version).
I checked it now (still 2019.2.0 version) with the same .fbx file, if I create a new project, the particle system is working well.