Author Topic: baking a highpoly model onto my low poly model  (Read 185 times)

Hi guys ! i m facing a problem while baking in substance painter!
i made a model (a pretty much low poly model) in 3ds max and then i took that model in zbrush for sculpting some details,
After that i exported that model and tried to bake that as described in wess tutorial but the result is not something i expected im attaching some screenshot so that everybody can have a better understanding !
just to let everybody know that i have checked the texel density , there is no overlapping issue,
but im literally confuse with smoothing groups while taking the low poly model in substance paintes, the problem im facing , is it because im not assigning right smoothing groups on my model or is it because my uvs  are attached in 90s angle too ?
im attaching the screenshots of baked model,high poly model and uvs screenshot !
looking for a wizard like wes mcdermott who can help me with that ! :)

my first guess would be, that your models don´t line up

I always import my lowpoly into ZBrush as a guide, and to check, if my highpoly and lowpoly are matching.

i have checked that in 3ds max after working on zbrush i checked the axis of both models and put them on 0*0*0 and then baked them in painter

how about the material IDs? Are they set to 1 for the entire geometry?