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My team have been using Substance Designer for a long time. We have decided to automatize some of the manual steps.

I would need some technical assistance, I have two questions:

1. I have noticed "Cooking optimization options" in sbscooker.
My goal is to make sbscooker as quick as possible (there will be a dedicated computer). As far as I understand, I have to set "crc" to "1" and "full" to "0". But this actually increased cooking time for me. After that, I've applied "merge-data 1" and it made the process faster for me. What settings should I apply for the fastest performance?

2. In the future we would like to use sbsmutator to edit existing graphs, sbscooker to make these "ready-for-render" and sbsrender to render them. Is this the "official" way to this? And if it is, what hardware would you recommend? What is more important for this use-case, CPU or GPU? How much RAM would you recommend for a medium complex graph?

Thank you,