Author Topic: vfx workflow question.  (Read 724 times)

Hi everyone,
I am new to substance painter but I must say is impressive the ease to which you can dive into this program. Fantastic work on user experience in general.
My question relates to workflow with medium size meshes. The program is very responsive but the fact that it saves all mesh maps into one file seems to me a bit crazy. I don´t really have many materials but not suprisingly the file gets huge quite quickly when working with 8 materials at 2k. Is there anyway to have SP bake the mesh maps to external files rather than saving it inside one single project file? it makes no sense to me that everytime I save my project SP has to save 1.6 GB of data when most of it is just mesh maps that will not change, right? Is this how is suppose to be or is there a better workflow. Like baking the maps out and then pointing SP to external maps? Basically what workflow is best for heavy meshes with lots of maps?

Sorry for the long post...
P.S: I cannot even imagine how big it will be if you work with multiple udim on multiple materials.
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