Author Topic: Maya 2.0.1 Plugin  (Read 1745 times)

Hello Maya users!

We are very excited to announce Maya 2.0.1 plugin has been released!

Please take a look at the official announcement here.

You can download the plugin from our download page.

We have also updated the documentation for the new 2.0.1 version:

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With the new maya plugin and creating a renderman graph you get the following error while applying the material

Error: [rfm]    ERROR:  (MainThread)  <maya console> <module>: TxManager query failed ! -> C:/Users/grumb/Documents/maya9\substance/baked_images/Bamboo_Fence_Normal.png #

there's a U with 2 dots above it character where the path should say "Maya2019", not sure why it gets messed up there.

It looks like a unicode issue of some kind. I can try to reproduce it.
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