Author Topic: Wrong filtering during upscale  (Read 724 times)

Hi, i've attempted to upscale my result to bigger resolution and get a really strange result of filtering, it looks like few pixels large gaussian blur kernel rather that bilinear or any other type of filtering(what should be expected in this case)

initial image:

16 to 512 upscale result:

p.s. i use this as material input into custom viewport shader in SP so i DO need EXACT values instead of the blurred(interpolated are ok) ones.


I can't tell what happens exactly in the blend node (the engine developer is off), but if you upscale the image using a transformation 2D node and set the Mipmap mode to "Manual", you get the expected result.

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While it do work with bitmaps, it doesn't with procedurals like shape, gradient map, pixel processor etc.

hmm. it seems that it works this way, i need to set manual mips in the last node before output: