Author Topic: Change all nodes values in order to reduce the size of a pattern without tilling  (Read 848 times)

Hi !

I'm a french student in CGI, currently working on SubstanceDesigner ; so apologize for the graph and for my english.

I have a quite special problem in SD. I have made a medieval stone wall with bigger stones at the base, and smaller stones at the top.

The final work :

One of the problem is, applying to a real size wall, the textures show a very repetitive pattern. To avoid that, i have change some values of some nodes like scaling, intensity of blur, warp, edge detect and more... And now, i control all of theses values with a unique numerical input, linked to value processor node in order to keep proportionally the different values of the original material.
But problem is, i have many difficulties to achieve that part ; the pattern sized 5 times doesn't look like the original anymore. The mortar take to much place, the cracks are to many, etc.. I don't know the final size of the wall, so, it would have been a great gain of time to find a way to rezise my work with this unique numerical input in a .sbsar, and avoid pattern repetition.

The same thing as the previous image, but, sized 5 times :

Sorry, it's confused. It's hard enough to explain it in French and make yourself understood : imagine in another language than yours.

If needed, i put here the graph et some elements to explain more clearly what my problem is.

The way I proceed:

The entire graph :

Many Thanks,
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