Author Topic: Alt click to solo a texture set  (Read 2276 times)

I'd like to see the behaviour where alt clicking a texture set hides all other texture sets similar to Adobe apps.


If you're already on the texture set you want to isolate, hitting Alt+Q will isolate it and hide all others.

You can also quickly switch between texture sets in the viewport by holding Ctrl+Alt and Right-Clicking on some part of the model with the texture set you want to switch to.

With those two tricks together, you basically never need the texture set list on your screen anymore aside from some initial setup. At work we had some batches of characters with a dozen sets of textures for all sorts of modular components, and it was easy to Ctrl+Alt+RClick between them, Alt+Q to isolate, work on them, Alt+Q to show all again, Ctrl+Alt+RClick to switch to another set, etc.

These hotkeys were added a little while ago but didn't get enough exposure in some of their videos (I think I learned about them from patch notes). They really are a massive speed boost when you get used to them, though!