Author Topic: Please, can these "ads" be removed from perpetual software?  (Read 12169 times)

Dear Substance team.

I'm enjoying the project very much, but due to reasons I've chosen to turn my subscription into a perpetual licence end of last year. It frustrates me a little bit that every time I open the substance launcher there is a very in-your-face message telling me I should start my subscription again.

Similarly in the top bar of the software it says Maintenance Expired all the time, sounding like something is wrong. The wording of these are triggers (and i'm sure they designed as such) But I find them quite intrusive one a piece of software that I legitimately bought perpetually without the intention of keeping maintenance active.

It would be lovely that, if these message need to be there, the wording and presentation could be changed to something less intrusive and triggering. like "Perpetual licence" in the top bar, and "Perpetual licence active, resubscribe for newer versions" in a less bright color in the launcher, without the exclamation mark.

I wonder if there are others with a similar issue. I'd like to believe the team does not intent to annoy people back into subscribing when they choose to go for a perpetual licence. Please let that believe turn out true.

Thanks in advance!

I completely agree on that. One weird work-around might be to set rules for the firewall to not allow the software to enter the internet.  Then it can hardly tell us that there is a newer version or that maintenance has expired. A related question is whether (and in the affirmative case, why) someone who buys the software directly, without prior subscription, would get similiar messages.
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Agreed. Once I go perpetual, I do NOT want messages or alerts about new/expired anything. Send those notices to my email for consideration.

Very much agree!  >:(

I have my shortcut with the argument:  --disable-version-checking
Which stops this popping up for me.

I tried that in my shortcut Target box:

"C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter\Substance Painter.exe" --disable-version-checking

It didn't appear to make a difference, unless I'm doing it incorrectly.

Bumb Any reaction on this from the devs?