Author Topic: Smart materials load with empty layers  (Read 271 times)

New to SP, sorry if this has been answered before.
So many of the smart materials have empty folders and empty layers, or look nothing like the material I loaded. I’m thinking of a beautiful wood texture that came from Substance Share, but was bright mustard yellow when applied to my mesh.
I feel like I’m missing something obvious - help!
(And thanks in advance)

did you try using the resource updater?

Michael... thanks for your reply. Updater didnt work. It appears that the smart material authors expect the layers to be filled in manually. Every so often I stumble onto what seems to be the solution to a problem, but usually can’t reproduce it later. Congratulations to all those who produce such amazing results with SP - after 6 months, I still find it incredibly frustrating.  I really am suprised at the learning curve for SP.

you will get there eventually...

did you take the time to follow an in depth tutorial (like this course before tackling your own projects?

Thanks for the encouragement.
Tutorials... well, have been through a lot of them and no luck yet.
Appreciate your interest.