Author Topic: Substance Node and Redshift: Works with bucket render but not the IPR?  (Read 2931 times)

Just working with the integration for the first time. Working with Max 2020 and the latest integration, and with Redshift 2.6.43

The Substance control node seems to work fine for the viewport and for the full bucket render engine, but does not produce a result in the RS IPR render engine.  The RS Feedback Display does kick out a bunch of errors saying that the Map Output Selector is not supported in Redshift, but this does not seem to stop the bucket engine from working fine. As a note: the IPR renderer in bucket mode does not work either, just the full production version does.

Wondering if this is just me or something is amiss?  Redshift support doesn't know anything about this particular issue, seems to be on the Substance side (or mine).

Is this is known limitation?

Screen cap video showing the issue:

This is a known limitation currently. We're evaluatin how we may be able to remove this limitation in the future.
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Ok - thanks for letting me know.