Author Topic: Having Issues with Simple Template not showing up Rest Defaults Now NO Bitmap2Ma  (Read 1573 times)


I got it all working. I decided to move the network material location to the host's Solid State C drive and now the materials show up instantly.



I had everything set up where all of my textures were found on the network path etc.., as I was attempting to get the Simple Material Template I ended up removing the paths in the edit preferences and when I went reset to defaults my Bitmap2Material was not under 1Click?

1.  Please advise as a Windows 7 64 bit User what default paths should be in the edit preferences for the program?

2. I noticed that some of my filters were defaulting to the program location database and some were going where I wanted them to on the Network,
Please advise how to AVOID Conflict with the program's sbs database and the sbs database on the network?

ps..., I was so close the only last thing that I had to do was get that Simple Material Template in there.

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