Author Topic: No material, smart-material, or paint-stroke getting applied on my layers.  (Read 1496 times)

Hi there,

I have been trying to start painting an asset from 3ds Max 2017(Student Version) for the past few days and have been frustratingly failing to do so. I am very new to 'Substance Painter' and I just downloaded the trial version(evaluation version) of the software only a few days back.
I followed the steps as was shown in a beginner video series in Substance Academy but I could not resolve this.
My issue is that I have 'transparent'(checker-box) layers and no material, smart-material, or paint-stroke would get applied on those layers.

I imported the file in "*.fbx" format from 3ds Max after applying different coloured materials for different objects and meshes. I baked all the maps(of all texture sets) in SP and also specified the high-rez mesh path(which is the same model for this one) and for ID maps - I used 'material-colour' instead of 'vertex-colour'. All the maps did get baked(and yes, all my meshes were UV-unwrapped/UV-mapped), and all these maps are working fine - but nothing helped.
Can somebody help me in this regard? Please do reply, if anyone knows or has an idea about the solution - I would be grateful.
Here's a snapshot-link to give an idea of my issue:

My system specifications: Inter Core i5 3210M @ 2.5 GHz with 4GB RAM(No GPU)


You should try posting on the Substance Painter board, but I'm not sure how much help you will get as you're well below the system requirements.