Author Topic: HELP Needed, Custom Generators i don't get it..  (Read 396 times)

Hi Folks,

I need help for understanding the way we create custom generators in Substance Designer.
I'm pretty new to Substance Designer but I have some great knowledge about texturing, creating shader and the logic behind the nodes and how they work together.

I understand that you can like in UE4 create a Material function that have input and output and that can blend things together. But in a tutorial I saw a grunge generators and I'm pretty stuck on how to create this in SD.

Can you give me some tips or give me a link for documentation about that subject because I already look a lot of time in the hope of finding some documentation about generators and no luck so far.

Thanks for your attention. I’m looking forward to your reply!!

You can open the graph we ship with Designer, simply create an instance of the grunge map, right click and select / open reference. It'll show you the graph.
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