Author Topic: how to make this Japanese pattern?  (Read 253 times)

I have been yet to find a pattern that I am not able to re-create. Opps, now I found it.
This murders me.
I have attempted to create the "box" by making diamond shaped triangles, then placing them and rotating and so on.
I can kind of get the pattern, however always something doesn't align.

I would like to find "clean way" to do this.

Hey, i tackled it this way:

The stretched pyramid shape allows to get equally thick stripes for the rhombi pattern, which makes the end result look pretty clean imho.

OMG. that is crazy. I never thought of that... gosh.

edit, got it I have trouble understanding the transformation matrix values and where to input them.

The splatter circular values are murdering me. The ones you mention are good but somehow I have problem getting the 3 shapes "wrap around."
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In the Splatter Circular Node set the Pattern Rotation to 90 and the Ring Rotation to 30.
And use Offset value 0.5 in the Tile Generator.

A different method..

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A different method..

Thank you, this is also very interesting way to make it.. This possibility never crossed my mind.