Author Topic: Substance painter crashes while opening any mesh file  (Read 360 times)

Opening the software had zero issues. At first I was told that there was a "Tdr" issue and followed the appropriate steps to create and increase that value via the help page I was given upon first getting the software. Now Im getting an issue about the VRAM and not being able to render anything at 8k Resolution. This is completely fine as I dont need to render anything that high. Though when I try to open any projects or mesh, the software will stall for a moment then close out completely. It even does so on the test mesh files that came with the software. It runs fine until I try to open anything.

I'm running this on an un-modified up to date Toshiba Satellite L55-A5284 Laptop. Is there an issue with my laptop specs that are keeping the software from working properly?

Well, this link should show you the minimum and suggested tech specs necessary.

A quick google search, it does not appear that your laptop meets the minimum.

Nevermind. I figured out the issue here. Im running an unsupported integrated GPU.. Boo