Author Topic: Iray will not render out in color...  (Read 278 times)

Need some help here, I have all my materials that were created in Substance Painter (the model is from ZBrush). As you can see in the normal 3d view port all the colors are there:

However this is what I get when I go into Iray to render.

As you can see it is almost like Iray is striping out all color information, while still rendering everything else. I'm on a 30 day evaluation and really loving it, but this might just be a deal breaker as I can't figure it out and it is frustrating.

What shader is selected when you render?

What shader is selected when you render?

Thanks for answering, I figured it out... I had a non PBR template selected when I imported the model. Switched it to PBR and everything was great (thank the gods for Smart Materials made it easy to reapply all my mats).