Author Topic: Carbon fiber material from substance source doesn't match preview  (Read 6246 times)


Just got substance source, started using the carbon fibre material thing it was going look amazing but I came to a massive disappointment to see that the material looks appalling. It doesn't match the preview images at all even the presets don't look the same which you'd think they would because its a preset. Images attached below, any info as to why this is would be much appreciated. Cheers.

I've attached a couple of renders done in Octane using maps exported from Substance Player.

I used 'Anisotropy Angle' image export as the base layer. I then used normal and height and added a coating.

If you want to chat privately, I'll help you out any way I can :)
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Thanks very much for the reply back, this this method you have suggested the only way to fix it? Would love to chat, I can drop you a message ASAP

Hi @jackgriffiths

This material is shown in the render on Substance Source using the MDL format. It only works in a few renderers such as Iray or V-Ray, and allows to create more complicated materials than the regular format allows, adding a coating or anysotropy here of example.
As @onepixeldeep explained, it is possible to reproduce the same effects using specific options of other renderers such as Octane, Arnold etc.
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