Author Topic: Selectively disable auto-save?  (Read 731 times)

I appreciate the autosave feature so much.  It's a safety net that I love to have.  But, I was hoping there was a way to disable it for certain files.  I'm currently working on a very small model that somehow generates very big files, and so far my Substance Painter has locked itself for 20-minutes when I ran away for a 2-minute bathroom break, and then now when it was in the middle of exporting my textures (at 37%). 

After the first lockup, I tried starting the file over again entirely with a different workflow to decrease file sizes, and it totally worked.  By delaying the use of my high-res mesh and supplemental textures until the last minute before export, I had a 283mb project file... until auto-save kicked in and took its time to make sure I had a 1.59gb autosave.  If I could just disable autosave for certain files it would be just lovely.  I tried looking in preferences but couldn't find anything.  I could have completely missed it, though, sometimes I overlook the darndest things.  Help, please?