Author Topic: Combining normals  (Read 618 times)

Hi Everyone,

I am new to designer and I'm trying to create carved text in stone. I'm not sure I'm going about it the right way. I have 2 normal maps I'm combining, one for the stone and one for the text. My problem is I can only barely see the text in the stone even with the intensity turned up all the way. Help and advice welcome.

You can enter a higher intensity.
Most sliders in Designer only have a small default range to make finetuning easier, but you can enter a higher number by selecting it and manually entering something.

Also make sure the text is beveled a bit, or it will only create a border 1 pixel wide. You can use the bevel node or just blur it a bit.

Thanks so much for the help and advice on adding the bevel. However, when I go to set the intensity in the normal intensity node to greater than one it just resets back to 1. Is there somewhere else I need to specify that the slide can go greater than 1?

Ah, sorry, I meant the normal node itself.
I just noticed you're using the normal intensity node after it. This does only go up to 1, but gives the highest intensity possible.