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Hi, I'm new to substance painter and am struggling with an issue with curvature mask generator. I have a simple shape, a slightly rounded cylindrical shape and it does something strange for one of the UV islands:

The UVs are unwrapped nicely, so no overlap, scaling is consistent across the model.
Here's the other maps, that the curvature mask generator seems to require to do its thing:

world space normals:


neither of the maps the mask should be generated from shows any signs of any kind of discontinuity, vertex normals seem to look fine in other programs. Any tips regarding where to look for a possible way to fix this problem would be very much appreciated.


EDIT: sorry, no idea how images work on this forum, since they don't seem to be visible in the post, i'll just copy a dropbox link to the folder with them named accordingly:
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blind guess, that this is because the curvature map in the Painter baker is generated from the normal map, so it is not continuous across UV shell borders

that´s why I bake my "curvature map from mesh" in designer and then use it in painter

it is a strange workaround, given painter uses curvature so heavily - but I am confident, the curvature from mesh baker will be added to painter hopefully soon :)

Hi Michael, thanks, I'll give it a try sometimes... for the time being, I solved the problem by placing the seams in flat open spaces...pretty much the opposite of what you're supposed to do with seam placement, but since the only area interest was the curved edge, it worked for this specific case.