Author Topic: Bitmap2Material Textures disappearing when changing any values  (Read 27034 times)

Hey Guys,

i just downloaded the trial-version of B2M to test it out. But right away i was confronted with something weird happening. I can just drag and drop a texture as intended. And the texture is visible on the cube. But then when i change any slider oder anything in the Parameteres rollout, the texture disappears, like it was never there. And i see the default screen with "drop a bitmap here".

Am i doing anything wrong here..?

I am working on a Windows 10 PC, 64-bit, NVIDIA Quadro P2000.

EDIT: Ok i guess i know it now, it is a known bug when lauching the first time, see here:,12696.0.html

Hope that helps other people as well. And please, fix those kind of annoying bugs for new users ...
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