Author Topic: Issues accessing anisothropy_level in a substance designer created filter  (Read 2006 times)

I'm trying to extract the anisotrhopy_level in a substance designer created filter and then output it in a user channel for use in substance painter again later.

I have issues recreating the exact anisothropy level that i see in the substance painter Anisotrhopy level visualization/export. Specifically the Anisothropic noise does not seem to be applied until after the evaluation of the layer stack.

The left texture in the image is the original substance painter anisothropy level and the right one is the anisothropy level extracted in a substance designer filter and then output to a User channel back to substance painter.

Is there a way to sample the anisothropy level in substance designer with the anisothropic noise applied or am i also forced to recreate the noise in designer?

This is what i currently do in substance designer.