Author Topic: SVG import broken? Workflow for photoshop-to-SD?  (Read 1695 times) was one of the only successful posts I've seen. It requires Illustrator to disable some options.

Does anyone know if an SVG workflow is possible purely from Photoshop? I've read countless posts from years ago and all of them seemed to give up on it. Not sure if there have been any developments since then.

I've just tested with a simple shape (square) and used the "Export / Export as" option in Photoshop: it worked.

So it might depend on your shapes.. could you send me the exported svg ?
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Nicolas, apologies for the 2 month reply!  :-[

From what I guessed, I think it has to do with either multiple shapes or whether they overlap/intersect.
Here's a colorized version of the SVG I've attached below:

edit: not sure if the svg attached properly.
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