Author Topic: [Project management] Failed to open project  (Read 1266 times)

Hi guys,

I've been working on a project for 30 hours and a Ransomware virus hit me!

All my files has been encrypted but I had the chance to talk with the hacker and I got a decryptor and run it so I can have my files back.

Everything on my computer back to normal (Pictures, PDFs, Word docs, Maya files etc.) except the Painter projects :(

I made two smart materials those were encrypted and then decrypted again too but only one of them is working and the other one which I spend 20 hours working on are not possible to open or import in Painter! :(

Is there any way I can fix my project? or at least the smart material?


Most likely the files are corrupted... Always have backups as a rule of thumb. Sorry this happened to you.

Also, you can decrypt your files here: if you know which ransomware they used. Maybe those files are still encrypted?
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